YouTube: Michael Broussard

60 MPH Bass Boat Wreck Without Kill Switch Sends Anglers Flying

If you take a couple of fishermen weighing, let's just say, 200 pounds each, traveling in a bass boat at roughly 60 mph, and combine it with an unexpected hard turn, what do you get? Two men who get thrown out of the boat like rag dolls with 3Gs of force.

Thankfully, these two anglers were wearing their PFDs and they at least survived the initial shock of hitting the water at such tremendous velocity. What they had to do afterwards to corral the boat was almost as stunning.

It's certainly bad enough that they got thrown from the moving boat and had to find each other, but with the watercraft still under power they might have been in serious danger of getting hit by the rogue vessel and its moving propeller.

Luckily for them, another father and son fishing team was on the water nearby and got them out of the reservoir in short order. Now all they had to do was to wrangle a moving bass boat, and it wouldn't be easy or safe at all.

Here's the rest of the story:

Give Blake and his father Clay Broussard some credit for sharing their extreme adventure and for reminding us all of how important the kill switch and other safety devices are to proper boating and angling adventures.

Never settle for less than all of the full safety gear for your boat! Make a checklist of things to do and memorize itt. Or better yet, write it down and keep it right next to the steering wheel.