Liquid Mayhem
Liquid Mayhem

New Gear Guide: Liquid Mayhem Releases Two New Scents

Liquid Mayhem adds Nightcrawler and Anise Crawfish to its line of fish attractants.

Liquid Mayhem fish attractants, manufactured by the Mayhem Bait Co. Inc., has been on shelves of tackle shops for a few years now. Widely recognized as the closest you can get to the real thing, this all-natural scent uses real bait, rather than fillers and other chemicals that come from lab concoctions. It's like using live bait, but in a no-fuss squeeze tube.

I've been an avid Liquid Mayhem user since its inception, seeing the results firsthand through many hours of on-the-water testing. This stuff helps you catch more fish, whether you apply it to your soft baits or hard cranks.

Using natural baitfish or other fish-favorite foods, Liquid Mayhem capitalizes on bite stimulants, baitfish enzymes and powerful amino acids. They then pack this super-concentrated product into easy-to-use, 2-ounce squeeze tubes.

New to the Liquid Mayhem lineup this summer are two new scents, Nightcrawler and Anise Crawfish. Both flavors have received rave customer reviews already, which is testament to the high-quality products Mayhem Bait Co. churns out.

Liquid Mayhem

Liquid Mayhem

Both the Nightcrawler and Anise Crawfish have a pungent smell, just like the real thing. And, I've been using each when bass fishing for the last month. My intended quarry seem to to find the stuff pretty favorable, too! Below is my best largemouth bass of the season so far, which I caught on the new 6-inch Berkley PowerBait MaxScent 'The General," with a dollop of Liquid Mayhem "Anise Crawfish."

Liquid Mayhem

Also new for 2018 is a change in the scent's color. The original formula was a vibrant red hue, but this year, they made a switch to a natural, light-brown color. The managing director for the Mayhem Bait Co. Inc., Chad Morningstar, explains why:

"We made the switch primarily to eliminate the staining of lighter colored baits," he said. "We understand that bait color is important and the red formula was turning white baits pink. The new formula eliminates this problem altogether as it is now a natural color."

Speaking of color, did you know they formulate each tube with special UV color enhancers, making all baits more visible? That's some forward thinking!

Liquid Mayhem fish attractants are available in a variety of scents, including Garlic Crawfish, Shad Scent and Garlic Minnow. Now on that list is the new Nightcrawler and Anise Crawfish. There are also species-specific fish attractants, such as a Pike and Muskie Attractant, Walleye Attractant and Bass Attractant.

Liquid Mayhem will trigger aggressive strikes, whether you fish freshwater or saltwater. This fish attractant will fool even a fussy fish's olfactory glands, ensuring it holds onto your bait longer, which means more hooksets while fishing.

Here's a video I shot when Liquid Mayhem first broke onto the fishing scene:

Whether you're a tournament angler, a charter captain or a hobby fisherman, Liquid Mayhem will definitely put more sport fish in your boat.

Be sure to check out the full line fish attractants from this Canadian, family-owned business.

Each 2-ounce tube of fish attractant sells for $9.99 (US).

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