All-New Ford Safecap Reads Every Sleepy Nod of the Head

Ford has unveiled a new product, the Ford SafeCap, a trucker style hat that can track head movement and prevent drivers from falling asleep at the wheel.

In collaboration with Brazilian creative agency GTB, research into head movements has largely classified them as standard nods versus nods that signal fatigue and lack of attention.

When the SafeCap's gyroscopes senses sleep, a series of sound, light, and vibration alerts will activate, giving drivers a jolt.

"Ford is the first automaker to think of a 'wearable' technology to use while the driver is behind the wheel and can contribute to accident prevention'" said Lyle Watters, president of Ford America. "In this way, we reinforce our commitment to bring technology onboard not only in vehicles, but also in accessories that make life easier for the driver, and focus on safety as a priority in our technology investment."

This research comes on the heels of trucking statistics in Brazil, where it has been learned 11 percent of Brazilian truck drivers with more than 60,000 annual miles have been involved in an accident over the past two years.

The SureCap is currently in its prototype stage. No word yet on when the hat will go into production.