12 Innovative New Fishing Lures We're Excited About

Here are 12 new fishing lures for 2021 that we can't tie on our lines soon enough.

Fishing tackle companies sure do like to keep the ideas coming. New, fresh, and innovative stuff rolls out each year in the effort to put more and bigger fish on our hooks.

Sure, these companies are looking to make a buck like any other, but then that's the whole point. Profitable fishing tackle manufacturers get that way and stay that way because they continue to create fishing lures that not only catch fish but last for years.

Proven designs like minnow imitations, stickbaits and crankbaits, jigs, and topwaters continue to be among the most popular, but the folks that make these things never stop making them better.

We'll cover it all, whether you're into walleye or bass fishing, wahoo or red drum. Freshwater and saltwater will each get some coverage, and we'll home in on a combo of catch potential and basic intrigue.

Since the International Convention of Allied Sportfishing Trades, or ICAST, is slated for Orlando, Florida at the end of July 2021, we wanted to get a jump on what might be featured and highlight things we want to see in action.

FishLab Flanker Speed Jig Bait

The Flanker Stickbait by FishLab is designed to be used for high-speed retrieve and trolling for the biggest of saltwater game fish. The Flanker comes pre-rigged with Owner Hooks for excellent durability and strength and features a solid core construction to keep it durable and silent for life.

Little John Micro DD 45

A Little John Mirco DD 45 from SPRO might be just the ticket. This version features the Spring Craw pattern and is sized to be a finesse style crankbait that is made a little smaller to entice those early season bites. It is a shallower running bait in the 8-10 feet range and features Gamakatsu #6 round bend treble hooks for quality hook sets.

SPRO Power Bucktail HD Jig

An updated version of the proven SPRO Power Bucktail, this HD model kicks things up a notch. The super strong Gamakatsu O'Shaugnessy hook comes wrapped in a generous amount of bucktail hair for a larger profile that's much more attractive to big fish. This big jig is designed with striped bass anglers in mind, but has a much wider range of fishing applications for other anglers too.

Z-Man DarterZ

As Z-Man Fishing says, "the 6-inch DarterZ features a slender profile and forked tail that mimics needlefish, ballyhoo and sand eels—all delectable, desirable prey species for many inshore gamefish." Both belly and dorsal hook slots allow the angler an easy weedless rigging with a ChinlockZ SWS weighted hook or other custom jig heads to cover the entire water column.

Lunkerhunt Easy Prey

Set the epic music from the video aside, because the Easy Prey offers game fish a seemingly easy target in the form of a wounded baitfish that swims as if its life was about to end. At rest, it begins to float, but upon the retrieve, it comes back to life with a vertical wobble just like an injured minnow.

Yo-Zuri 3DB Jerkbait 110

Designed with flat sides making it perfect for stop and go retrieves, the 3DB Jerkbait 110 has been remodeled with a new weight transfer system making for some seriously long casts. It comes in a dozen colors to appease the most ardent bass fisherman and a warning that "The hooks on this product are extremely sharp. Please handle with special care." That's what we like to hear!

Rapala Xplode Popper

This isn't a brand new offering from the world's foremost and well known lure manufacturer, Rapala. But it's been downsized and is great fne for saltwater anglers and one for the freshwater crowd, Rapala continues to innovate and expand its ever increasing product line forcing us to admit: if it says "Rapala" on the package, we want one.

V-Blade Lipless Crankbait

The angry looking Rap V-Blade can be cast, jigged, bounced or otherwise ripped through the water, but hang on because the fish will. The The Xplode features a low-set line eye and a deep face for huge surface disturbance which gives saltwater anglers an edge over the competition.

Berkley Hit Stick

The Hit Stick by Berkley is the newest in a long line of baits to come from another of the world's greatest and longest lived lure makers. Used as a finesse jerk bait, trolling bait, or casting bait for all predator fish the Hit Stick offers anglers a hard plastic bait that comes with all of the finesse of a balsa wood lure and with 20 different color patterns you can definitely find one for your needs.

Shimano SP-Orca FB 150

This offering from Shimano is sized for both pelagic and freshwater applications and comes in a variety of colors. It has both a great sinking and swimming action that mimics either escaping or dying prey that fish can't stop themselves from striking.

Pradco Arbogast Jointed Jitterbug 2.0

Arbogast is the last name in fishing lures, specifically topwater fishing lures, for many anglers out there who have found out over the years what crushing surface strikes are all about. While it seems like the jitterbug has been around as long as we've been fishing, this company knows better and continues to keep it fresh.

This version cones with updated hook hangers, some seriously cool new color patterns, and feathered rear trebled hooks for added appeal.

Hogy Slow Tail Swimbait

Hogy has upgraded its trophy grade rigging in the effort to target tackle busting tarpon, tuna, snook, striped bass, cobia and more. Made for slower presentations in shallower water or near the surface, the Slow Tail is ripe for pelagic fishermen who want to target lethargic or pressured fish into cooperating.

Savage Gear 3D Lizard

This is a great choice for the Texas-rig and the Carolina-rig crowd. It also works great with a shaky head since the Savage Gear 3D Lizard features a ribbed body and an oversized tail.

This new lure has topped most lists since its inception because of its looks, feel, and sizes that make it perfect for bass anglers everywhere, especially since it comes in 10 different colors.

What To Look For in a New Lure

Certainly being versatile and having durability are key components, but also it should be designed to look lifelike and have a shape that makes it look like a shad, a shiner, ballyhoo, mackerel, or whatever baitfish you aim to mimic.

Lures should be heavy duty enough to last a lifetime without being overly clunky. The only rolling action they should have is that which impersonates the favorite prey of whatever fish you are targeting.

Freshwater fishermen may have the desire to fish from a kayak or from shore, drop shot with fluorocarbon or fish snag-free for largemouth bass, but when they reach in their tackle box they still want to see something that jumps out at them just like the fish that they seek

Saltwater anglers don't just use hardbaits exclusively, but soft plastics as well. These also need to to be very durable, eye-catching, and come in a variety of color patterns for everything from stripers to wahoo and beyond.

With innovation the key, rest assured that these tackle manufacturers are hard on the job seeking to find the next revolution in fishing lures that anglers everywhere will be happy to spend some of their hard-earned money on.

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