Costa Untangled Collection

New Costa Untangled Collection: Sunglasses Line Made From Recycled Fishing Nets

Costa Del Mar is expanding their Untangled Collection with the second iteration of stylish, ultra-functional shades created from old fishing nets.

Costa Sunglasses, undoubtedly the first name in polarized shades for active sportsmen and women, debuted four new performance-driven frames last week as part of the Untangled Collection 2.0.

Following the success of the initial Untangled run and improving upon the design and manufacturing process, Costa's partnership with Bureo and their work on the front lines of the fishing community have led to perhaps the greatest combination of function, feasibility, and environmental consciousness that the sunglasses market has ever seen.

The frames are built with a more functional and durable NetPlus material (97% recycled fishing nets and 3% performance additive), which allowed for a more curved shape and better light coverage, something anglers vastly prefer when eyewear performance is a high priority.


"This collection represents a multi-year collaboration with Costa," says Kevin Ahearn, Bureo Co-Founder. "We've been working since the original Untangled launch in 2018 to enhance the physical and mechanical properties of our material by making improvements throughout our supply chain, allowing Costa to expand the collection across new performance applications. The new NetPlus material represents a huge step forward in material technology while continuing to support our mission to expand net collection efforts."

The four new frames are the Santiago, Antille, Pargo, and the female-focussed Caleta, each available in prices ranging from $199 to $226.

"Costa has always been deeply rooted in conservation. We strive to source traceable, sustainable materials and incorporate water-friendly principles into our products, our brand—and our daily lives," says Jessica Bryant, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Costa Sunglasses. "We first launched the Untangled Collection with beach lifestyle frames made from 100% recycled nets. These frames grew our tribe — but our core team pushed for even more. With this new collection, sustainability truly meets performance. When you look through a pair of Untangled sunglasses, you share our vision for healthier oceans."


The hooding and side shields on the Santiago make it the frontrunner for angler's favorite, and its little brother the Pargo sares some performance features while maintaining a slightly more everyday wear look and feel. There are keeper-ready temples and Hydrolite rubber grips to keep the shades in place, and vented nose pads help fight fogging.

And of course, the polarized, color-enhancing 580 mineral glass lenses, available in several lens colors, are what make Costa's sunglasses top of the line. The Untangled Collection sunglasses features those same lens options that made Costa so popular in the first place.

Overall, the Untangled Collection 2.0 fits in nicely with Costa's huge lineup of polarized sunglasses, and there's no doubting their commitment to conservation concerns. Plastic pollution, especially in our oceans, is out of hand, and if not for partnerships and projects like this, the damage may eventually become irreversible.

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