Costa WaterWoman

Costa WaterWoman Sunglasses Honor the Lifestyle of the Adventurous

There's a story behind the award-winning Costa WaterWoman sunglasses, and it's about time it was told.

Merely "paying attention" to the female demographic in the fishing market is a thing of the past. If you aren't dedicating legitimate, performance-driven gear to women, you're either clueless or not really trying.

At the pinnacle of the sportfishing game sits a few of the smart, cognizant companies that have learned and embraced this fact. Costa del Mar is a shining example, and their award-winning WaterWoman sunglasses stake their claim.

The WaterWoman moves well beyond the "slap it with pink and call it a day" era of female fishing gear. The technical innovations and performance features equal those of the men's styles, and there is a range of seven Glass or Polycarbonate lens colors to choose from.

Get a good idea of how good these polarized shades look and how well they perform in this video from Costa's YouTube channel.

Frame colors like Shiny Blonde Crystal, Matte Shadow Tortoise, and Shiny Wahoo give plenty of options, and the narrow fitting, large-to-medium frame size is meant for female features.

This is what Costa says about the new shades:

The new WaterWoman style is dedicated to the woman who wrings every last drop out of their time on the water. Designed for lady anglers demanding a frame that couples elegance and performance, WaterWoman features beautifully angled temples, CAM-action hinges and color-contrasting Hydrolite accents throughout.

The WaterWoman sunglasses are $189 to $269 depending on lens selection, and you can get prescription lenses through Costa's in-house optical lab.

I can vouch for the eye-catching features that look even better in person than they do in promo shots. The WaterWoman took the spotlight in the Best in Category: Eyewear competition at last week's ICAST Show. Costa sunglasses are used to that sort of pedestal; their popularity growth over the last few years has pushed them into rare air.

Costa WaterWoman

New products that bring adventurous design together with peak lens tech and frame style; that sounds like a formula Costa has mastered. As the old story goes, you're remembered for trailblazing, not sitting around. It doesn't matter how many X chromosomes you have. You deserve things that help you do what you love.

Watch for the WaterWoman being worn by ladies who appreciate the extra effort, and who respect Costa Del Mar for their recognition.