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New Cars to Avoid Like the Plague

These new cars to avoid are probably best left alone.

From fuel economy to style, safety to handling, newer cars just keep getting better and better with each passing year. Plus, with the downturn in sales performance across the board the past few years, incentives and deals are up. All this makes you want to go out and buy a car right off the lot, right? Right?

Well, not so fast. It depends on what you're looking into. Consumer Reports puts out overall quality figures for popular new cars and some may surprise you. Well, may surprise you if you're looking into buying one that doesn't tip the scales favorably. Nissan Altima? Go for it. Jeep Cherokee? Hard pass.

Here's a list of brand new cars to avoid in 2018.

Cadillac ATS

Consumer Reports gave this all looks, no brain sedan a score of 57 out of 100, and a reliability of -120. It does sports some sexy styling and design, but, come on, that doesn't make a difference when you're broken down on the side of the road.

It comes with a turbocharged engine, but lacks power. And cramped seating, small trunk space, and overall lack of comfort don't really scream ,"Sit in me for a long drive." What's more, the ATS is only supposed to hold onto 43% of its original value after just a few years.

Chevrolet Suburban


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Time was a giant family climbed into one of these gargantuan clunkers and wouldn't think twice about 10 MPG. Because, America. But with fuel efficiency, greenhouse gas awareness, and overall cost effectiveness, the Chevy Suburban hasn't been a sought-after vehicle.

While it's still popular to choose an SUV if you have a family, the trend is to go smaller with mid-sized or crossover SUV's instead of big ones like the Suburban. Consumer Reports gave it a 54 with a sad reliability rating of -154. Everything from fuel economy to overall ROI just don't let things add up for this model and those like it.

Dodge Journey

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As mentioned above, crossover SUV's are so hot right now, you guys. But Dodge just can't seem to break into that trend with its Journey. Called out for an unresponsive transmission, terrible rear visibility, and a tiny/why-does-it-even-have-one third-row seat, this SUV is one to stay away from.

This year's model is only expected to hold up to 38% of its original value after three years and fuel economy could do a lot better. Silver lining? It has a smooth ride and is apparently super quiet. Which, if no one likes the Journey and you're driving alone, why would it not be quiet?

Jeep Cherokee


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The Cherokee is basically the Ron Swanson of SUV's. It's good with where it's at, doesn't care what you think, and probably isn't changing anytime soon. Even though it's gotten some boosts in towing capacity and infotainment, the Cherokee just feels stuck in no-man's land as an SUV.

Its four-cylinder engine and transmission performance are under par, and traditionalists to the model are constantly lighting up the messaging boards, lambasting its less-than-attractive design.

Infiniti Q50


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This luxury sedan boasts sweet acceleration and a roomy interior, but fails when it comes to power-train, fuel economy, and handling. Yeah, it's pretty to look at, but it's also super uncomfortable and rough to ride, according to Consumer Reports.

With a below average design and performance score from JD Power, the Q50 is only expected to hold up to 46% of its original value after a few years. Better to let this one pass you by.

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