Meet The Neva Masquerade: Russia's Siberian Cats

Meet the cat with, hands down, the coolest name ever! The Neva Masquerade is just a variation of the Siberian cat. Here's the 411 on the beautiful feline.

The Neva Masquerade is one exceptional cat breed! Originating from Russia, these beautiful domestic cats are just simply the colorpoint variation of the longhair and super fluffy Siberian cat. The colorpoint coloring refers to a type of cat coat color where there are several "points" of color on the feline's face, ears, and paws. This Russian cat breed also has striking blue eyes, as opposed to the traditional green or yellow eyes seen in Siberian cats.

Neva Masquerade cats are bred from a cross of the Siamese and the Siberian cat back in the '80s. These gorgeous kitties are named after the Neva river in St. Petersburg, Russia, where the breed was first developed. Neva Masquerades are also named for their mask-like face, resembling the mask worn by party-goers of masquerade parties, where they often took place along the Neva river. (Phantom of the Opera vibes anyone?)

Personality and Temperament

neva masquerade cat climbing owner

Like Siberians, the Neva Masquerade is a happy cat breed. This (surprisingly!) hypoallergenic feline is a friendly cat, and they are happy as long as they receive plenty of love and affection from their humans — some even say these affectionate cats have a certain dog-like personality to them: fun-loving, personable, and super lovable!

A larger-than-your-average-cat, Neva Masquerades are also active, intelligent, and energetic cats. These lovable felines can certainly make great pets for children as their affectionate and friendly personality allows them to get along with kids, as well as dogs and other cats.

A relatively vocal breed, Neva Masquerades are known for their adorable yet extensive vocabulary of different cat sounds like purrs, chirps, and chortles.


Neva Masquerade Cat lying on bed

Apart from their coloration, these semi-rare cats don't differ much from your average Siberians. They have an extremely thick, full, and long double-coated fur along with a dense undercoat that gives the cat a plush and very fluffy appearance — some say they even look like a mini wildcat!

Neva Masquerades come in several colorpoint variations:

? Seal Point and Seal Lynx Point: this is a cream or white body with dark brown or black points.
? Blue Lynx Point: this is an off-white/white/cream body with blueish/grey points.
? Cream point: this is a cream/apricot/red body with beige or brown points; these specific cats are very light in color.

Neva Masquerades can also come in Tabby and Tortoiseshell color variations. Fun fact: they're one of the only forest cat breeds where "points" are allowed!

Interested in this magnificent cat breed? Visit your local cattery or go to a cat show to see the Neva Masquerade cat!

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