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This Is Why Knowing Your Riding Trails Is Important

A four-wheeler ride ends badly for this woman, but she has some advice for other riders.

If you own land in the country or hunt, chances are you have taken a four-wheeler down a trail or through the woods. Or you may just enjoy riding on the weekends with some friends. Either way, knowing your trails before flying down them can be a life saver, and keep you out of a lot of pain.

Just ask this lady.

Sarah Hoover found herself connecting with a barbed wire fence on a recent four-wheeler ride, and the word "painful" doesn't look like it does it any justice.

Unfortunately, she did come out pretty injured and scratched up, but she was lucky, because it could have been much worse.




She went on to say this in her social media post regarding the accident.

To anyone who rides four-wheelers, no matter how much you think you know the trail, please be careful! I drove through barbed wire. I've never felt so lucky to be alive.

Riding into public land in the morning before the sunrise, taking a different route to a stand on your farm, or heading into a property to hunt for the first time, many situations can arise where you are not very familiar with a trail or a route. It is always smart to scout and know your area before, so you aren't surprised with something like a barbed wire fence.

And if you are riding four-wheelers at night, I just urge you to have proper lighting and go at a safe speed so you can stop in time of need.

This is not something you want to happen to you, and I bet Sarah would second that statement.