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Hundreds of Manatees Gather in Florida Spring for Warmth

Yesterday, hundreds of manatees flooded into Florida's Three Sister Springs to huddle together, creating warmth. 

This morning, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service estimated that between 300 and 400 manatees are snuggled in the Three Sister Springs currently. They are huddled together in order to stay warm during the cooler water months.

The Crystal Springs National Wildlife Refuge Complex team also believes that this number will only increase as the days go by. In December 2014, Three Sister Springs saw a record number of manatees in the park: 528.

Here's a video of what Three Sister Springs currently looks like!

Pretty amazing, huh?

Migrations and videos like these really do remind us that there are entire ecosystems in the world that we hardly engage with on a daily basis. Really takes you out of your own head and makes you look at the broader picture of the natural world that we all exist in.

Currently, it's undecided how long Three Sister Springs with be closed for, but the Facebook page will keep us all updated.

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Hundreds of Manatees Gather in Florida Spring for Warmth