'Naked & Afraid' Survivalist Makes Every Man Wince By Getting A Tick You Know Where
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'Naked & Afraid' Survivalist Makes Every Man Wince By Getting A Tick You Know Where

How unlucky can one man be? This Naked & Afraid survivalist probably wished that he covered up. He got a tick on his private parts, which may be the worst place you can get a tick.

According to TMZ, Sam Mouzer's time on Naked & Afraid went south in a very bad way. The survivalist got a tick on his private parts, and appropriately freaked out. He got what he called "d**k tick" while out in the Colombian Badlands. Not only that, but given its a TV show, the entire thing got caught on camera. It's sure to live in digital immortality as an internet meme.

However, at this point, Mouzer may want to stay off the show. It's not the first time he injured his private parts in recent years. You see, just last year, and on Naked & Afraid no less, Mouzer ended up burning his private parts. The survivalists slept too close to the camp fire and paid the ultimate price as a result. A piece of hot coals flew out of the fire and landed on his groin. Talk about traumatic. However, Mouzer has a new horror story.

'Naked & Afraid' Contestant Gets Injured

He attempted to remove it, only to double over in pain. He explained to his fellow survivalists that the tick was burrowing deeper into his skin. The irony of the situation wasn't lost on the Naked & Afraid contestant. He cursed his bad luck and misfortune. He told the audiences, "On my first challenge, I actually had a hot coal pop out the fire and burn my junk. And now, I've got a tick trying to eat away at my helmet."

Ultimately, the contestant needed medics to come help him. One of the gimmicks of the show is being completely naked. That sometimes has drawbacks as it exposes a person to the elements. In 2021, survivalist E.J. also experienced a slice to his scrotum. He fell from a tree in an injury that's also very wince-inducing. Ultimately, medics managed to stitch him up and he stayed in the competition despite the risk for potential infection. At the time, he said, "I almost chopped my balls off yesterday."

While the show is entertaining, it's very real to the survivalists on the show. They're putting their bodies and their private areas at risk for our amusement. Hopefully, Sam won't have any more issues.