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Mystery Solved: 'Ghost' Caught on NY Trail Cam Simply a Nine-Year-Old Girl

A spooky trail cam image made headlines around the world. Finally, the identity of this 'ghost' is revealed.

We first brought you the story of a spooky 'ghost-like' spirit, captured on a trail camera in Cambridge, NY, in early May. At that time, the town was buzzing as to who - or what - was seen walking in a remote section of woods that was supposed to be off-limits to the public. (See original story and pic HERE).

What made this story all the more unusual is, after three weeks of intense media attention - and the police investigating - an identity had still not been discovered for this little girl. Of course, that had the tongues of town folk wagging - as well as the psychics.

We now know the truth, and it turns out it was simply a nine-year-old girl out for a walk with her grandpa.

Here's the spooky spoiler:

Well it was fun while it lasted. And who doesn't like a good ghost story?

One of the comments left for this video is certain to make you laugh, though:

"I'm just a nine year old girl who's not a ghost."

That's exactly what a ghost would say.

Thanks for being a great sport, Holdan.

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