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Mustad's New Inkvader Octopus Jig Actually Releases Scented Ink

This octopus jig from Mustad is as close to the real thing as can be. Check out the Inkvader.

The likeness is so strong, it's almost kind of eerie.

The new Inkvader octopus bait from Mustad is the first of its kind, with the most lifelike resemblance to an actual octopus that we've ever seen. And the similarities don't stop at its appearance.

The bait comes with 10 octopus-scented ink tablets that can be released from the head of the jig, acting just like the real escape mechanism that Mother Nature provided the cephalopod.

Let's just say the product development team over at Mustad outdid themselves. Other bait companies are spending time trying to excel at baitfish imitation, and Mustad goes the eight-legged route with a dynamic saltwater soft lure.

The Inkvader is made of revolutionary TPE material (said to be 10 times as strong as conventional soft plastic construction) to mimic the movement and action of octopus tentacles, and that ink release is one of the coolest fishing innovations we've seen in a long time. It can be fished via slow trolling, slow pitch jigging, or the "lift and fall" method.

The jigs come in three different sizes, and seven of the nine colors are based on real octopus species. The others are proven Mustad designs to attract big fish. They're pre-rigged with Mustad UltraPoint Assist hooks, and the tablets release the nontoxic and water soluble ink for eight continuous minutes. There are also 10 different weight configurations, meaning you can scale down for a slack line drop, or bulk up for a quick descent.

I was able to see the bait for myself at ICAST last month, and I'll vouch for its looks. It's the one bait I left the show feeling the strongest about its potential. It's bound to do well, and likely bring saltwater anglers a whole new opportunity. Using such a lifelike octopus imitation that looks like actual native octopus species can only be a benefit.

Not only that, but almost all the packaging for Mustad tackle is shifting to sustainable materials. The fact that they're actually addressing one of the ignored issues in fishing tackle, the amount of single-use trash it produces, was as noteworthy as their new products.

Saltwater sport fishing might be in for an awakening.

You won't be able to buy the Mustad Inkvader until the fall of this year, but it only scratched the surface of all the new products Mustad is rolling out, including a number of innovations along the same lines of this octopus jig. See all the new styles and new releases at




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Mustad's New Inkvader Octopus Jig Actually Releases Scented Ink