Mule Deer and Elk Double
YouTube/Mullet Man

Hunters Double Up on Colorado Elk and Deer at the Same Spot

One of the great things about the American West is that you can often hunt multiple species at the same time and harvest whatever big game animal walks in front of you first. If you have a group, and multiple tags, there's a chance to really stuff the freezer. That's the case with this hunt shared by YouTuber Mullet Man. He's hunting with some other YouTubers in Colorado hoping to get a large bull elk on the ground. Part of the group is after a large mule deer buck when they spot a large, legal bull. The two groups converge at the same location with a game plan: Shoot the bull first, then try to get the nice buck they saw.

The first shot at the elk misses, but thankfully it's at long range and the bull doesn't know what happened. The second shot connects, and the bull goes down. Meanwhile, another hunter closes in on the mule deer, which doesn't realize what's going on either. One well-placed shot later, and the group has a deer and an elk down in the same spot!

Unfortunately, they didn't see that much-larger bull elk until after they had already shot the smaller one. However, no one can argue this wasn't an extremely memorable day in the mountains of Colorado. It's not every day you get to down two different species of big game animal on the same hunt. It's a good thing they got it all on video, because it would be tough to believe otherwise.

And we're not sure about you, but we just got very hungry watching them prepare and cook a delicious wild game meal at the end of the day back in camp. That's got us stoked for hunt camp. We only hope our season goes as well as this one did for these guys. Congrats on the nice buck and bull, guys!

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