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Hunters Spot and Stalk 250-Inch Mule Deer of a Lifetime in Utah

250-Inch Mule Deer

This mule deer is the buck of a lifetime!

One of the most satisfying aspects of hunting is when you finally close the deal on a buck with which you have an extensive history. The more trail cameras and close encounters you have with the animal, the sweeter it is when you finally harvest the animal.

Things get even more exciting when it is a once-in-a-lifetime animal. In this video from SKYNIC Hunting on YouTube, a father and son team up to pursue a monster Utah mule deer they have nicknamed "Bootstrap."

This deer gave them the slip the year prior when he was a massive typical. The following season, he grows into a massive 250+ inch non-typical and the hunt is on to bring this elusive beast down.

Bootstraps truly is a beast of a mule deer. One of the largest we have ever seen harvested on video. This big buck did not make things easy for the hunters both to locate him and in the recovery, which had to wait until the next morning due to the dense brush.

It just goes to show one never knows what a buck is going to look like from year to year. There have been many instances in the past where a buck is typical one year and then morphs into a non-typical the following one. We cannot help but wonder if he had an injury to the more non-typical side that helped with this sudden and dramatic transformation.

In any case, we cannot blame these guys for getting as excited as they did. Deer like this simply do not come around every day. This buck had some incredible character. The fact that a father and son were able to share in the harvest of such a deer together makes it even more special. This is what hunting is all about!

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Hunters Spot and Stalk 250-Inch Mule Deer of a Lifetime in Utah