MTN OPS Celebrates 4-Year Anniversary

MTN OPS is celebrating four years of business by giving more. 

This month, I had the opportunity to fly to Utah and visit the new MTN OPS headquarters. This was in conjunction of celebrating their four-year anniversary and attending the Total Archery Challenge at SnowBird Resort.

For anyone who's not familiar with MTN OPS, they are the leader in outdoor energy and nutrition for active hunters and anglers. They've hit the ground running, partnering with industry-leading brands that have propelled them in front of hunters and anglers across America.

In the Trenches

Company growth called for a new, larger space to house the business. When I arrived at their new headquarters, Vice President of Marketing and Sales Matt Davis gave me the quick tour of the facility. I saw a former cherry factory with stone siding and rustic hardwoods and even an original elevator from the cherry factor. The office building was broken into three areas: the storefront, the offices upstairs and a public MTN OPS gym.

The office area houses an eager and growing team. It's also the new home of the Gritty Bowmen podcast, hosted by Brian Call.

The storefront is full of bull elk mounts with a lobby feel.

After viewing those areas, we headed to the gym.

Passion To Improve

After checking out the office space, I had a chance to sit down and take a deep dive into MTN OPS culture. MTN OPS believes in giving back, so much so, they're part of the 2% for Conservation initiative, where businesses put at least 1 percent of their gross annual sales and 1 percent of volunteer time to conservation causes.

Aside from charitable efforts, the whole MTN OPS team has the option to be at the gym or their desk at 8 a.m. It gives the whole team the opportunity to embrace the brand and improve their health and wellness.

MTN OPS is grounded in providing quality information for all of those who are willing to learn. From meal plans and workouts to specific initiatives for different hunts, there's true value in the content they provide. The Elk Fit Program is currently in full swing, too, which will prepare anyone for an elk hunt.

Companies come and go, but some are poised to stick around for generations. Sometimes it's because of deeply rooted values and beliefs. Sometimes a quality product makes a difference, and sometimes it comes down to buying American-made goods or buying into a strong community. After meeting the team behind MTN OPS, it's fair to say they embrace all of these things.

MTN OPS is celebrating their anniversary by providing weekly deals on