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Shawn Woods/YouTube

Mousetrap Monday: Rare Antique 1843 Trap Put Through Its Paces

This mouse trap is old, rare, and pretty complicated, but surprisingly, still works like a charm.

What's not to love about antique mouse or rat traps? Besides cool designs, they have a sense of nostalgia about them, giving us a unique glimpse into the history of rodent control. This antique mouse trap, reviewed and filmed by Shawn Woods, is no exception.

Designed in 1843, this rare find certainly has a lot of moving partsbut that's what makes it all that more cool. And similar in design to a revolving door at the front lobby of a fancy hotel, once you walk in, getting out isn't so feasible (Well, at least for most of us!).

If you're not following Shawn Woods' YouTube channel, you might want to check it out. How he finds these cool mouse and rat trap relics still has us scratching our heads, but the video reviews he posts are both intriguing and educational. We featured two of his videos recently, one being an antique choker trap (watch HERE) and the other a rare 1877 Eagle Claw trap (watch HERE).

Let's watch Shawn put this 1843 mousetrap through its paces:

Now that's one creative trap! But as you saw, perhaps the mice of our time are slightly smarter than those from the mid-1800s.

Hope you enjoyed the bonus botfly footage. Guess we should have given you a warning on that.

You can find Shawn's YouTube channel HERE.

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