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Mousetrap Monday: Watch This Antique Choker Trap in Action

It may be old, but this antique choker trap still works like a charm.

There's something pretty cool about old mousetraps. Strictly speaking from a design standpoint, they are peculiarly interesting when compared to our present-day run-of-the-mill traps. Each are steeped in history - and are still as effective as ever.

Take this choker trap, for instance, built in the late 1800s and early 1900s. With the ability to trap three mice at a time, it is definitely efficient for when rodent numbers are high. And as you'll see in this cool video, a trio of unsuspecting mice fell victim to the old-school charm of this 'wooden box.'

Here's the video:

Wasn't it interesting to see that the second and third mice didn't seem bothered at all by the sight of their fallen comrades?

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