deadfall mousetrap
Shawn Woods/YouTube

Mousetrap Monday: Antique Wooden Deadfall Flattens Mice in Their Tracks

Shawn Woods amazes us again with a brilliant video review of an antique wooden deadfall mousetrap.

At first glance, this old wooden deadfall mousetrap is reminiscent of the guillotines used during the French Revolution. Similar in concept and design to that lethal beheading device, this deadfall trap relies on a trigger device in order to drop a wooden block down on the unlucky visitor.

If you're not following Shawn Woods' YouTube channel, you might want to check it out. How he finds these cool mousetrap relics still has us scratching our heads, but the video reviews he posts are both intriguing and educational. We featured two of his videos recently, one being an antique choker trap (watch HERE) and the other a rare 1877 Eagle Claw trap (watch HERE).

Here's Shawn putting this double wooden deadfall trap through its paces:

Who else chuckled to themselves when Shawn made this comment:

"These blocks of wood seem like they're just the right size to come down and make a little mouse pancake."

Breakfast, anyone?

You can find Shawn's YouTube channel HERE.

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