YouTube: CBS Los Angeles

Mountain Lion Splashes Into Pool While Chasing Deer in California

Watch this incredible video as a mountain lion dives into a backyard swimming pool in pursuit of a deer.

If you hear a big splash coming from your backyard pool in the middle of the might, what goes through your mind first?

Troublesome teens looking for a thrill? Wind blowing some patio furniture? Something falling out of the sky?

We're guessing "mountain lion in pursuit of a deer" isn't too high on the initial list of guesses, but these Glendale, California residents would have been right on.

Check out the local news report and the story of this wild occurrence.

If it weren't for the homeowner's security camera footage to prove this happened, there's no way someone could have convinced me such an incredible thing had occurred.

I guess an in-ground pool isn't high on the list of things a mountain lion expects to encounter. It was almost certainly the first time it experienced such a thing. Judging by its reaction and quick exit, it was taken extremely off guard.

A mountain lion is certainly a big cat, the biggest in North America, but this one that hopped into the pool at Rachel Wong's home didn't seem gigantic. It was apparently big enough to believe it could handle a whitetail deer.

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife says nearly half of the state it mountain lion territory, and that the predators are elusive and avoid humans. However, if there are deer in an area, odds are there are mountain lions around, too. That point was proven, literally, with this determined mountain lion and home surveillance system.