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Mountain Dew Initiates "Outdoor Stimulus" to Pay for Your Hunting and Fishing Licenses

Mountain Dew's new "Outdoor Stimulus" program proves to be extremely popular.

The year 2020 has been a crazy and stressful one to say the least. In one of the more surprising moves of the year, a mainstream brand, Mountain Dew, has decided to give back to hunting and fishing in a positive way. Dubbed the Mountain Dew "Outdoor Stimulus" program, the brand has offered to help pay for hunting and fishing licenses for up to 5,000 people on a first-come, first-served basis.

The brand is allocating up to $100,000 for this promotion. It is not a bad idea, especially with many people feeling strapped for cash in the face of lost incomes due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Some people may simply feel they cannot afford to buy a license for their favorite activity this year.

Forbes reports the promotion is part of Mountain Dew's larger "Out here. It's Dew" promotional campaign.

To apply for the promotion, participants simply upload a photo of an eligible hunting or fishing license from last year to the current date and submit it. Up to 5,000 participants are then selected to receive $20 cash via check or Venmo payment back towards their license. Forbes additionally reports that all licenses must be for funding education, restoration or conservation efforts within the participant's state of residence.

It is refreshing to to see a mainstream outdoor brand reaching out promote the sports of hunting and fishing and encouraging people to get outdoors. Mountain Dew's Jule Raheja-Perera acknowledged the hardships this year has brought to Forbes, especially to hunters in Western states where Mountain Dew is a popular drink among hunters and anglers.

"We know this year has brought many challenges and that Heartlanders live for the days they can spend outdoors - be it on the fishing on the lake or hunting with families and friends," Raheja-Perera said. "We want them to know we are out here with them by providing a small kick start to get outside and unleash their passions."

Word about the promotion spread quickly and the morning it went live the site crashed almost immediately, presumably due to a heavy influx of visitors.

See the Mountain Dew Outdoors website for your chance to get partially reimbursed for one of your licenses this year.

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