bear charges bike
YouTube: Dušan Vinžík

Mountain Bikers Joined on Trail by Sprinting Bear

Of the things you expect to see when biking, a bear charging full-steam toward you shouldn't be one of them!

For those that enjoy the sport of mountain biking, this clip will definitely give you the willies. Filmed in the bike park of Malino Brdo, Slovakia, this clip was recorded with a helmet cam by the second rider in the group. And, what it captures is pretty unbelievable!

The video starts off as a seemingly normal ride down a steep dirt trail. Less than 10 seconds in, however, a large bear suddenly appears from the right side of the path and it's making a bee-line for the lead rider. What follows is a few tense seconds.

Here's the incredible encounter:

What would you have done in this situation? One thing's for certain: I wouldn't be stopping or getting off my bike!

This clip goes to show you that you truly never know what you'll experience when enjoying the great outdoors. Lucky for these guys, they came away unscathed and with an unbelievable video to boot.

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