Mouflon Ram Hunting

Mouflon Ram Hunting: All There is to Know About This Exotic Species

If mouflon hunting is next on your bucket list, here's what to know about this exotic species.

European mouflon were first introduced in Corsica and Sardinia thousands of years ago, but they've since been imported and now roam a good portion of Texas, along with some Armenian mouflon. Because Texas mouflon have been interbreeding with Corsican sheep for many years, pure mouflon are rare and most will be some form of hybrid between different species.

Mouflon rams have a deep reddish brown coats with dark manes and white saddle patches. Purebreds will grow heart-shaped horns, and some females will have horns too.

Hunting for genuinely wild sheep in the native lands is next to impossible. In certain areas of the world, some are treated as modern domestic sheep.

Mouflon Sheep Hunts in Texas

Unless you plan to fly overseas and hunt in Poland, Spain, or France, you'll most likely head to Texas Hill Country for free-range mouflon.

Like axis deer or red stag, mouflon sheep are considered an exotic species in Texas. There's no set hunting season, and you'll simply need a 5-day special hunting license as a non-resident, unless you plan to stick around longer.

While mouflon keep their horns year-round and you can find outfitters offering hunting packages any time, the October-November rut is generally the best time to book your hunt if you want to kill a trophy mouflon ram.

Most outfitters will let you choose your hunt—safari style, spot and stalk, stationary—as well as your chosen tackle.

Pricing varies, but expect to pay somewhere in the $3,000-$5,000 range. The trophy fee for a hybrid mouflon ram is typically a fraction of the cost, so this could be a much more affordable option if you don't have your heart set on a purebred.

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