Luka Colombo defies physics on two wheels.

Motorcycle Pro Luca Colombo Rides 3 Miles Across a Lake--No Big Deal

Watch motorcyclist Luca Colombo dash across a strip of Lake Como in Italy, turning physics into an outdated concept.

Regrettably, the hand of God played no part in this stunt, but it certainly looks like it did. The daredevil/master motorcyclist Luca Colombo shows us just how easy (difficult for everyone else) it is to defy the laws of physics, gravity, sanity, and health on two wheels. Watch the video below:

What, How, When, Who, Huh?

To achieve this feat, Colombo's motorcycle was heavily modified, using nautical gear and a pair of rubber blades outfitted to the Suzuki RMZ450's wheels to give it the propulsion needed to skim the water at up to 46 miles an hour. In total, Luca Colombo traveled five minutes, or just shy of 3.5 miles.

The feat went so viral, even truth searching site conducted its own fact-check, assigning it a "mostly true" rating.

Now, we can't wait for the day a car drives across water using similar contraptions for the first time.

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