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Mother Moose Gets in Grizzly Bear's Face and Forces Him to Back Off

If there's a constant in nature, it's that you don't mess with a mother moose and her babies...even if you're a big, bad grizzly bear.

This amazing video shows just who is boss in this battle of predator versus prey. A mother moose and her two young calves are followed by a grizzly bear with bad intentions towards the young'uns. Mama will have none of that!

The bear follows, and when it gets too close for comfort, the mother moose charges, sending the big grizzly scurrying. But he doesn't give up that easily, forcing her to warn him repeatedly that she won't tolerate any of his deadly shenanigans.

It's kind of funny how the bear behaves when the moose turns to look at him (I'm assuming it's a male bear). The grizzly puts its head down, looks away and putters around in the grass.

You can imagine him saying, "What? I'm not doing anything! What, you have a couple'a kids there? I didn't even notice. Really!"

Things get even more intense as the mother and her calves enter a parking lot. She puts the fear of God into that bear and he hightails it out of there.

It just goes to show, you do not mess with a mother and her babies, even if you are supposedly at the top of the food chain.

This scene took place in Denali National Park.

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