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Grizzly Bear Digs Into Bison Carcass While Nature Carries On

Here’s a minute of beautiful Yellowstone National Park reality. Watch as a grizzly bear works over what’s left of a buffalo carcass.

What makes this video so great is that it’s just a moment of pure, unadulterated reality. We have a grizzly bear feeding on the remains of a bison carcass, digging his head into the rib cage to get whatever bits he might find in there.

In the background there are sandhill cranes calling to one another, doing their mating thing. And there are a couple of coyotes barking at each other, talking about whatever it is that’s captured their interest.

All while the grizzly digs into this rotting bison carcass. Who knows how the bison died? Starvation probably. Nothing goes to waste in nature.

As the grizzly does his thing to get what he can from the carcass, life goes on around him without concern or care.

It’s brutal and real and beautiful. Nature’s circle at its finest.

How many times does this happen each day in a place like Yellowstone? We’re just lucky that someone was close by with a camera to capture it.



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Grizzly Bear Digs Into Bison Carcass While Nature Carries On