Mother Bear
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Police Stop Traffic As Mother Bear Struggles to Get All Four Cubs Across the Road

Momma bear just cannot get her cubs across the road.

It is safe to say it was a long winter and we are all glad to finally see some signs of spring emerging. One of the more notable signs of spring are the new lives getting their first glimpses of the world around them. Such is the case for four black bear cubs who are apparently making their mother's life a nightmare.

In a hilarious viral video that is all-too relatable to parents, the bear was spotted in Winsted, Connecticut. She got a little help from the local police in stopping traffic temporarily as she tried to round up her babies and get them across a busy road.

Easier said than done. As some want to follow, some want mom to carry them and still another just wants to climb a telephone pole.

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This video went hugely viral on social media, mostly based on all the parents who could instantly relate to momma bear's struggle. It is safe to say she has a "pawful" with four extremely young cubs to protect. These cubs may not even be two months old yet. The National Park Service says cubs are born during the winter months. They probably have not seen much of the outside world up until the last few weeks.

We can only imagine the frustration of the mother here. She gets two of those cubs across the road only to have two others being stubborn. Then, when she does head across the street to get the others, the cubs already across follow her back! We had to laugh when she could not decide which of the two cubs to pick up. Or maybe she thought she could get both at once? Either way, a frustrating moment for mom.

The Winsted Police Department posted another angle of the incident on their Facebook page. In the video, a woman can be heard saying: "I've never related more to a bear!"

It truly was lucky the police were nearby to lend a hand here. She likely never would have gotten them across safely otherwise. Nice work to the officers who handled this incident to perfection!

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