YouTube: Mossy Oak

Mossy Oak Blooper Shows Classic Turkey Shooting Fail

Now this will be a hard one to live down.

Some of the best hunting stories don't come from our most successful hunts, but rather from the moments something doesn't go just right.

We always see professional hunters make perfect kill shots in almost every show or movie on the market. You very rarely get to see their shooting fails and misses.

Here's one of those moments when you do actually get to see the flip side of that coin. This hunter from Mossy Oak goes against a rather impressively hard-to-kill turkey in this hilarious blooper take.

Watch the video below:

This just goes to show you that no matter how good you are, the odds can really play against you. It's amazing that the turkey didn't bolt out of there after the first few shots, and stayed around long enough for him to reload.

It was almost as if the turkey was taunting him the way he ran in circles right in front of the guy. In the end, it looks like the turkey lost after dodging four shotgun blasts.

Hopefully he hung those talons up in his rearview mirror as a lucky charm to help him dodge some close calls he may have in the future.