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These Are the 5 Best Turkey Hunting States in America

Here are 5 of the best turkey hunting states. Did yours make the list?

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One of the greatest aspects of turkey hunting is the fact most hunters don't have to travel far to find turkeys to hunt. Turkey populations have been booming, but these five states particularly stick out.

When developing the list various factors were included: Bird population, out-of-state fees, and the amount of non-pressured birds.

Check out the list and see if your state made the cut.

1. New York

New York may be known for many other attractions, but don't dismiss the fact that they are a heck of a good state to shoot a long beard. New York has more than 250,000 eastern wild turkey in their thick timber and rolling farms. The license and tag will cost $85 dollars.

2. Wisconsin


The Badger State is a good place to tag a thunder chicken. The National Wildlife Turkey Federation and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources has done a great job of stacking the turkey population.
42,970 turkeys were harvested last spring. A non-resident turkey stamp and license will run hunters $65.25. Wisconsin also boasts the safest turkey hunting state, with no incidents recorded.

3. Alabama

Alabama's terrain is made for shooting birds. Alabama has a turkey population of more than 350,000 turkeys. A whopping 57,100 turkeys were taken last year in the Heart of Dixie.
Many hunters consider 'Bama turkey hunting bucket list-worthy. If a lodge isn't your route, there is three million acres of state managed land. A 10-day all game license runs $127.

4. Missouri

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Missouri is right at the top for turkey hunting. The gateway to the west ranked the highest in harvests and currently has the largest turkey population at 600,00. Missouri is a popular destination for turkey hunters to tag long beards. However, with the density of hunters there are plenty of educated to add to the challenge.

Non-residents will be spending around $145.

5. Pennsylvania

The Quaker state is my number one state for turkey hunting. A population of more than 360,000 turkeys leaves plenty of birds for turkey hunters to harvest. In fact, Pennsylvania ranks in the top five almost every year.

National forest lands, hunting guides and private ground create ample hunting opportunities and diverse experiences. The rugged terrain and rich hunting tradition make it a melting pot for turkey hunters. The fees for a non-resident will run $101.

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These Are the 5 Best Turkey Hunting States in America