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Morning Commuter Gets Footage of Cougar Taking Down Mule Deer

When you turn the corner and see a cougar taking down a mule deer, get some video like this woman did.

When Racyn Gonzalez was on her way to work back in early December, she couldn't have been ready for what she saw when she rounded a bend on the road: a cougar taking down a mule deer!

Luckily, even with such a stunning event unfolding before her, she was able to get a good dose of footage, while watching what appears to be a young mountain lion with a death grip on a young muley buck.

In just 30 short seconds you can see what some people never get to see in a lifetime of living in cougar country, and for many, happily so. As hunters, we pretty much root for the other predators of the world, but in that way you may be a bit disappointed.


Imagine, now if you will, this: getting on top of a deer—any deer—like that and trying to hold it down. Forget it!

It's honestly too bad for the cougar that her presence made him give up his prize, because he certainly had the death grip on that mule deer. This was said to have occurred near Pine, Colorado which is just southwest of Denver. Cougars in the Centennial State have an estimated population of around 4,000 to 7,000 animals, making them a reasonably common occurrence.

Hunting for cougar in Colorado is specific to 180 units in the state, and while dogs can be used, it is limited to no more than eight.

However, resident property owners may kill mountain lions that prey on pets or livestock, but only after a permit has been secured.

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