women deer hunters

More Proof that Women Deer Hunters Are on the Rise (at Least in Ohio)

Women deer hunters just might be the future of the sport. 

If you pay any sort of attention to social media at all during deer season, you would quickly notice women deer hunters are everywhere. Some are just there for attention, but others are flat out legit. It's those women who are taking deer hunting to a whole new level and bringing much needed attention to a sport that has sort of lulled in recent years.

For example, just check out this newscast about Sara Chaszeyka, from Ohio. At only 18 years old, this girl is a flat hunter.

"I started hunting when I was probably about 10 and I've been doing it ever since," she said in the clip. "I go every year. I do deer, turkey, squirrel, all sorts of stuff."

Normally, that's where it starts. Once you get in the woods, it's all over from there.

"I think everyone should go out once, even if you just go out without a gun and you don't want to shoot anything...," she went on to say. "just...being with nature and everything, it's amazing."

According to statistics, there are roughly three million women deer hunters in the United States. In 2015, Ohio sold roughly 30,000 licenses to female hunters alone.

Female hunters are only on the rise and the industry is definitely taking notice. Instead of the pink camo that has flooded the store shelves for years, actual female camo is taking its place. I for one, think this is awesome. It's about time women get the respect they deserve for the time they put in the woods.