great horned owl

Lucky Little Dog Survives Sneak Attack From Great Horned Owl

A great horned owl is nothing to mess with. 

A great horned owl is a big bird. On average, they get up to about four pounds and have about a five foot wingspan. This nocturnal raptor attacks without warning, and its prey is often times none the wiser. Can one of these take down a small dog? You bet.

In the video you are about to see, closed circuit television caught it all on tape.

The tiny Lhasa apso in the video, Oreo, is lucky to be alive. Normally, owls don't miss. If it wasn't for Oreo's owner, Sheena Tarrant, screaming at the owl, things probably would have been a little different. 

"The minute she turned around and called the dogs in, the old owl swooped right in and tried to grab our dog Oreo," said Sheena's husband Kent, in an interview. "After that, Sheena turned around and bawled at the owl.

Somehow, Oreo still seemed largely unaware it was that close to being eaten.

"The owl looks like he hit the door, he's a little bit disoriented. Sheena grabbed the two dogs, tried to bring 'em in the house and the old owl took off then.," Kent went on to say.

This time of year, predator species are often times pretty hungry due to the weather. They take chances and get a little more bold than they usually are. No matter where you live, you better keep a keen eye out for your pet too, when the sun goes down.

Pay real extra attention if you own a small little dog like Oreo. It can happen quick. Just watch this video of a chihuahua almost taken away by a coyote. That is, until his rottweiler buddy stepped in a shifted the odds.