More Footage On the World Class 206-Inch Whitetail Named Smokey

The legend of Smokey will never be forgotten. Watch as Team Radical runs us through the story of this world-class whitetail.

Building history with a deer over years of hard work and finally ending story with a harvest is something special. It's hard to explain to people who don't hunt, but if you discuss it with someone who's done it, you can see the reward on their face.

The story of Smokey, a buck Don Higgins named, is a prime example of when it all comes together.

Media groups have only lightly covered this buck, but Team Radical just released this video of the hunt. While it's a lot of the same footage, there are a few extras and info on this world-class whitetail.

As I've noted in previous articles, I just can't get over this particular buck. It's everything a whitetail hunter dreams of. Smokey features maturity, width, mass, good tine length and character, yet still beautifully typical. Smokey's story is also something a hunter dreams about. Any scenario where you shoot a buck on your home property using your own food plots is special. But Higgins had years history with this buck, which just makes it so much more satisfying.

Smokey came out like he was following a script, and Higgins put the arrow right where it needed to be. Just seeing him run away after the shot was amazing.

His rack and body size prove that the Real World Wildlife Products were doing there job on this Illinois property.

What a deer!