Montana Grizzly Bear Shot from Helicopter After Traveling 260 Miles

This 6-year-old grizzly bear seemed to like the taste of lamb chops a little too much.

Authorities had to harvest a six-year-old female grizzly bear in Montana from a helicopter after numerous sheep had been taken from a ranchers herd. Mother Nature has it's own rules and the food chain plays out as it is designed. A Grizzly Bear just so happens to be one of those as the top, and this bear loved the taste of lamb.

The shocking part of the story is that after the bear had taken sheep from the ranchers livestock a few times in Valier, Montana, they relocated her and her cubs to Canada approximately 260 miles away. While relocating her, they placed a radio collar on her to track her movement for studies. To their surprise, the female grizzly traveled all the way back to Montana!

The grizzly had found herself back around the same ranchers farm and once again took some of his livestock for a meal. The authorities then decided it was best to shoot the bear since it showed it's main appetite was sheep. The bear had made a homestead that was very close to where people lived, which caused some concern.

Wildlife officers were able to harvest the bear from a helicopter in a very quick and humane way. The 352-pound bear will now be used for further studies.

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