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Pigman Shoots Pig in Brain with an Air Rifle

C’mon piggy piggy… Pigman has a surprise for you.

Texas has been taken over by these nuisance feral hogs and Pigman is on a mission to stop them. People hunt day and night to try and eradicate these agriculture killing creatures. Unfortunately they reproduce so fast, it is hard to keep them in check.

But it all works out in the end because we love bacon, right? Pigman awaits from the blind and settles in as he focuses on doing his best sniper impression.

Locked in like a chubby kid on a donut, Pigman puts the crosshairs on the pig’s head and squeezes the trigger. A perfect brain shot drops the pig in its tracks.

You like your bacon chewy or crispy?


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Pigman Shoots Pig in Brain with an Air Rifle