Public Land Buck
YouTube: DIY Sportsman

Bowhunter Smokes Monster Wisconsin Whitetail Buck on Public Land

It's not easy to fool a buck like this on public land!

Many hunters have bagged a big buck on private land. It's a little easier to get the drop on a big boy when you can more easily control the situation and who is hunting the area. Things get a lot more challenging when you move to public land where anything and everything can happen. Bagging a big buck in those conditions is considered by many hunters to be the ultimate challenge.

For an example of what we mean, look no further than this awesome video from Garrett and Sam of DIY Sportsman. These two have found a series of impressive rubs and community scrapes deep in the back woods of Wisconsin.

It's an area where few other hunters are even bothering to try, and it just so happens to be the perfect spot to set up an ambush for a big old back woods buck. It quickly turns into an extremely exciting hunt with a buck any hunter would be proud to put on their wall.

What a beast! Who says you cannot shoot a monster buck on public land? This video is proof that even a heavily pressured state like Wisconsin holds some true giants in areas open to everyone if you are determined enough to find them. These hunters had to work hard on this hunt and adapt to the situation as it changed. The result was a beauty of a deer. This buck had a little bit of everything a hunter could want, mass, tine height and a decent spread.

Based on the map they showed, it seems Garrett and Sam had to go deeper into the backcountry than any other hunters were. That's a key thing to remember when you hunt public land. Most hunters aren't going to go more than a few hundred yards from their vehicle. If you can find a remote area with little human activity, you may find a hidden honey hole.

This makes us want to try some public land hunting ourselves in the future. Congrats to Garrett on a beast of a buck!

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