YouTube: BlacktipH

Fishermen Land a Pair 13-Foot Hammerhead Sharks From Beach

The only thing better than landing a monster 13-foot hammerhead from the beach is landing two.

Imagine 13 feet and 500 pounds of the ocean's most vicious creature on the end of your line tugging and battling for 40 minutes. Can you even fathom the rush and anxiety of having your line break before getting it to the shore?

This group of fishermen struck gold twice when they brought in two enormous hammerheads. They did it right from the beach, catching and releasing the shark without harming it.

The wildest part to me is when they go out to release the sharks. What looks like a disaster waiting to happen goes pretty smoothly.

Watch as they work as a team and land the sharks after 40- and 25-minute battles.

I would have a hard time getting in the water with an irritated shark that weighs three times as much as I do!

But still, it looked like a good time, and everything turned out okay for both human and fish.

This goes to show, there's a proper way to land a shark and release it from the beach, and these guys execute it to near perfection. BlackTipH is a go-to source for information, and it was super helpful to watch him document this process by another fellow angler that knows what they're doing.

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