Monster 103-Pound Flathead is Not a Record Because of the Way it Was Caught

Record-sized fish make headlines. But you might not have ever heard of this hefty flathead: it wasn't considered a record because of the way it was caught.

No, this is not a recent story, and this fish was not just caught. But the pictures are starting to circle around the Internet again. This ridiculously huge flathead caught by Tom Head in Ocmulgee River exceeded 100 pounds, reaching a staggering 103. A monster fish for the ages.

The crazy thing, though, is that it isn't even in the record books for Georgia despite crushing the state record by 19 pounds. As these pictures start to circulate, people are wondering how on earth it isn't the record. And simply put, it isn't in the record books because of the way it was caught back in 2009.

Tom Head spent lots of time fishing the Ocmulgee River, and one evening running trot lines, Tom had gotten to his last hook and he new he had a big fish on.



But he had no clue just how big this fish was going to be. It is reported that he had pulled in an 80+ pound flathead jsut weeks before, but this fish put that one to shame. As well as putting the Georgia state record to shame as well. But since it was caught on a trot line rather than a rod and reel, it was not qualified to find a spot in the record books according to Georgia Wildlife Resource Division. Although legal, trot lines and jugging are not considering official sporting tackle.

Can you imagine trying to get a catfish of that size in the boat? The fish measured 57 inches long, 47 inches in girth, and a head that was 16 inches wide. Almost unfathomable to wrap your mind around.

Tom said that the giant didn't put up a fight at all. Dragging it up from almost 20 feet of water, it was calm and gentle, but he had to ditch and drop his dip net to the bottom of the lake to get the Appaloosa into his boat.

So, a 100+ plus flathead that doesn't find itself in the record books may seem absurd, but it is just the way it goes sometime. But, that does not take away the fact that this is one amazing and incredible catch, and that is why it is still being talked about 8 years late and more to come.

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