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Missing Texas Dog Found 2 Years Later in Nebraska

It all started two years ago in the "Lone Star State" of Texas.

From what I was able to piece together via Facebook and other news outlets, here's what happened:

A woman from Austin, Texas, named Robin owned a St. Bernard named Bowser. It sounds like Bowser was "taken" out of Robin's backyard by someone two years back.

Alexa Hiers-Mosqueda (you'll learn more about her a second) wrote in a Facebook post:

"I'm assuming the person we got him from stole him [Bowser] from her [Robin], but let me tell you, they were convincing. They had paperwork 'from the shelter.' Paperwork which I tossed in the move because we had had him for so long at that point, I didn't think we needed it anymore."

Two years ago, Hiers-Mosqueda was living in Katy, Texas, with her family. According to Hiers-Mosqueda, she bought the dog in Pflugerville, Texas, off someone on Craigslist. The person selling the St. Bernard told Hiers-Mosqueda that he was rescued from a high-kill shelter.

Hiers-Mosqueda wrote:

"Which should have been a sign right there, because he was perfect from day one: fully house trained, knew commands, and you could tell that someone had put a lot of money into buying him and taking care of him. I could never understand why someone would let a perfect dog like Bane, go to the pound and not go looking for him."

Eventually, Hiers-Mosqueda, her family, and Bane moved to Omaha, Nebraska, where the dog was loved and well taken care for.

Last week, however, when Bane was let outside to go potty, he got out of the yard due to the gate not being shut all the way. Hiers-Mosqueda and her family searched the neighborhood for their dog until a neighbor told them that he was picked up by the Nebraska Human Society.

Hiers-Mosqueda wrote:

"So I went home, called the Humane Society and they said he was safe with them and that we could call them in the morning to pick him up."


The next morning, a couple of hours before Hiers-Mosqueda was going to pick up "her" dog, she got a call from the Humane Society telling her that the dog was microchipped and not registered to her.

Hiers-Mosqueda wrote:

"I said, 'That's fine, it was probably registered to the family that rescued him from the shelter. Please call them! We weren't aware that he had a chip, but I'm sure they will remember us! The family called him 'Sammy' at the time.'"

But the real owner of the St. Bernard was Robin, who was so thrilled to reunite with her missing pup that she got in her car and drove straight from Austin to Omaha.
Since the reunion, Robin and Hiers-Mosqueda have been in contact. Hiers-Mosqueda is happy the dog is back with her rightful owner but sad to tell her children that Bane will not be coming back home.

Hiers-Mosqueda wrote:

"I would love to see some justice come to the person we got him from that had caused, im [sic] sure, so much pain for Robin, and now our family."

Hiers-Mosqueda hopes her story will be a warning to everyone buying dogs off Craigslist because according to the Nebraska Humane Society, this is something that happens often.

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