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Minn Kota Reveals Raptor, Their New Hydraulic Shallow-Water Anchors

Some anticipated news is finally being unveiled: Minn Kota is coming out with hydraulic shallow-water anchors they've dubbed the "Raptor."

Minn Kota has expanded their product line with the announcement of the upcoming Raptor shallow water anchor. With new innovations and unmatched anchoring and durability, Minn Kota says the Raptor is engineered to stand up to the harshest dynamic conditions, giving anglers the ability to confidently hold their boat, and hold it good.

Raptor utilizes the Minn Kota-designed and trademarked Active Anchoring and Auto-Bottom Mode, which make these shallow-water anchors a step beyond their previous iteration, the Talon.

Raptor will automatically monitor the conditions, both on the water and on the bottom, to keep the boat anchored in place no matter what the fishing situation.

Safe to use in saltwater as much as fresh, the Raptor is making a run at the market that Power-Pole had cornered up to this point.

Active Anchoring continuously monitors the level of hold and adjusts automatically to changing conditions while Auto-Bottom Mode senses bottom hardness to ensure the right amount of force is delivered for a more secure and adaptive hold.

Sophisticated anchoring systems like the new Raptor are almost exactly what bass boats, or really any fishing boats, could benefit from.

New Minn Kota Raptor Shallow Water Anchor

Users can select from separate anchoring modes for Rough Water (heavy wind and chop), Soft Bottom (muddy or silted bottom), standard (normal anchoring), and Auto-Bottom Mode on Active Anchoring equipped models. We're talking about serious boat control.

"Developing real fishable features for our consumers has driven every new Minn Kota innovation for nearly nine decades. Today we are bringing that spirit of innovation to our Shallow Water Anchors," said Minn Kota Brand Manager Brad Henry alongside the Raptor's official announcement.

"Raptor was designed to hold more reliably than any other anchor of its kind utilizing patented smart technology to analyze water and bottom conditions keeping you where you want when you want. It is the anchor that relentlessly works to keep you on your spot," remarked Henry.

Raptor boasts twice as much retraction force as anchoring force to ensure clean spike removal in all bottom conditions. It has a wide profile and heavy-duty pivot points, which will help reduce wear and maintain longer stability.

Then there's the unique pump design, capable of holding the Raptor tightly when stowed, which eliminates the need for extra parts, covers, or bungee cords to keep your anchor secure. That kind of reliability, especially while you're while running or trailering, is a valued feature.

An extruded aluminum mounting bracket not only adds strength while reducing weight, but dramatically simplifies installation. Raptor can also claim the lightest on-transom weight of any 10-foot shallow water anchor.

Much like the advancements of the other parts of Minn Kota's One-Boat Network system, Raptor comes with a wireless remote and optional foot pedal. Anglers can also use i-Pilot Link to control the anchor from their Humminbird unit, a special Raptor mobile app, or the Bluetooth remote for the i-Pilot.

Minn Kota's new Raptor shallow-water anchor will come in 8- and 10-foot lengths, with a variety of options and colors available. Raptor models will be available mid-July from authorized Minn Kota retailers starting at $1,499.99 up to 1,899.99.

For those concerned about a brand new product's assurance, Minn Kota's shallow water anchors are backed by a comprehensive 5-year warranty, plus a lifetime warranty on the spike.

As far as boat accessories go, a new shallow-water anchoring system like Raptor could be a significant upgrade for you and your fishing adventures.

For more information on the new Raptor shallow-water anchor, visit MinnKotaMotors.com.