Miniature Glock 17
YouTube: Comrade Mauser

Tiny Glock 17 Replica Functions Like the Real McCoy

This tiny Glock replica functions like the real deal.

Arguably the most famous firearm produced by Austrian gunmaker Glock is their G17 semi-automatic pistol. It's a polymer framed, full-size semi-automatic chambered in 9mm. It's a firearm that has come to be trusted by soldiers and law enforcement all over the world for its durability and reliability.

The Glock 17 is basically a household name these days, even in parts of the world where handguns are not legal. Knowing this, it doesn't surprise us there are a plethora of replicas on the market. Most of them of the airsoft, BB, or pellet rifle variety of course.

We thought we had seen it all as far as firearms replicas go. It turns out we were wrong. Behold the 1/3 scale Alloy Empire Glock 17 replica. This thing is tiny, but if you're familiar with Glocks, you'll likely be surprised by how faithful to the real thing it is. This gun even shoots!

It just goes to show that there is no end to the creative side of people. At first glance, this replica looks like any ordinary keychain replica firearm. That turns out to not be the case. This tiny Glock 17 has fully functional magazines that hold tiny little cartridges with real gunpowder and projectiles in them!

As if that wasn't enough, it appears the tiny slide functions exactly the way it does on the real deal. Even the slide lock works. Racking the slide really does appear to chamber the next round. It doesn't appear it cycles like the real gun. He had to rack the slide before each shot but considering how complex the tiny inner workings had to be, we're impressed!

We did a little bit of research, and it appears this was a 2mm pinfire gun. In case you're wondering, it does not appear they are regulated by the ATF, which means anyone could own one. Just be careful putting one of these on a keychain. This is not something you'd want to carry through airport security. However, as a novelty to have a laugh over with your buddies at the gun range, we dig it!

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