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Mind Boggling: Navy Tests First-Ever Active Laser Weapon

It's not science fiction and it is not an experiment. This is the world's first active laser weapon.

Lasers... something that captured our imaginations as kids. James Bond and Dr. Evil, among many others, made the "laser weapon" a popular term in science fiction.

But now, we have the real thing and it is pretty stinking cool. No need to judge distance, wind, or any other factors. The invisible and silent killer is revolutionary and mind boggling. Within the video, they show the capabilities of the laser weapon on an incoming drone.

Check out this video that goes into more detail on the first active laser weapon that is aboard the Navy ship, USS Ponce.

As an outsider, seeing this technology is almost hard to wrap your mind around. Technology is exploding, and it is pretty astonishing to see what they can come up with.

The machine itself is around 40 million dollars, but after that, all it takes to run the weapon is electricity and a 3-man crew. It will cost about a dollar a shot after the initial investment.

Let that sink in.

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