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Watch: Milo, Now Walking After Surgery to Fix His Paws Pointing Upside Down

Have you heard of Milo before this story and headline? It is a truly amazing story. The surgery responsible for his recovery is nothing short of a miracle.

Milo was born with upside down paws. He received surgery from a team of vets at Oklahoma State University's Vet Center. Just six months after surgery he's doing so well! He runs, plays and enjoys swimming according to a spokesperson (his mom) from Oliver and Friend's Farm Sanctuary.

You can see how much progress he's made in the Facebook post we included below.

In a press conference at Oklahoma State University, an update is provided for the public. I love how it opens up. They immediately start talking about compassion and the joy animals bring us.

We learn the following:

  • The specialty team goes beyond one surgeon, it took a village
  • Milo's case was extremely unusual and a "paws upside down" case is almost unheard of
  • The elbows are the issue and they went out of joint which allows the limb to rotate
  • The surgeon re-aligned the bones!
  • Rehabilitation was extensive and after a few weeks they removed pins

It all came down to rehabilitation and his owner is amazing as she's responsible for all the progress. Postoperative rehab is not easy. Any pet owner will tell you that this is the hardest part for the owner. Milo had to be trained to do basic things like how to stand.


What do you think of this case of compassion? His owner is an angel. From an army crawl to running!

Jennie Hays spent the better part of her day with her best friend running point on rehabilitation. The entire press conference is really interesting if you have a little under an hour to hear more from the team at Oklahoma State University's Vet Center. It is amazing how far Milo has come. His quality of life is now 100 percent different and for the first time, he can walk and play! This sweet special needs dog has a normal life.

Had you heard of Milo before this? Please leave a comment below. 

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