Mil-Spec Automotive Hummer 1

Mil-Spec Automotive Reinvents the Hummer H1

Kansas-based Mil-Spec Automotive, an auto rebuilding firm, is looking to breathe life into the iconic Hummer H1 with a new powertrain and body styles. 

Remember 2003? Nelly, bootcut jeans, leather wristbands, American Eagle, Ed Hardy, and the Hummer were all the rage. Mil-Spec Automotive is looking to wind back the clock a bit with its own Hummer H1 unit.

The new H1 from Mil-Spec Automotive, dubbed the Launch Edition, is now powered by a 500-horsepower and 1000-pound-feet of torque 6.6L Duramax diesel V8 and Allison 1000 six-speed automatic transmission. Mil-Spec is offering five body styles ranging from a 4-door hardtop to a two-door pickup truck with a near 7-foot cargo bed.

Approach angles are even more exaggerated at 57 degrees with departure angles topping 47 degrees, clearing 18 inches above ground with its massive military themed alloy wheels.

The progeny of the HUMVEE, the infamous Desert Strom trooper, the Hummer H1 hit the market in 1992 to much fanfare among off-roading enthusiasts and celebrities, scrapped in the 2000's, in part, by a consumer shift to fuel-saving vehicles.

The Launch Edition from Mil-Spec Automotive is available for sale, costing about ten Toyota Camrys at $218,500 before all options.

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