Mike Iaconelli
Facebook Screenshot: Major League Fishing

Mike Iaconelli is All of Us After Catching Trophy Bass

Mike Iaconelli's reaction to a big bass is universal.

Love him or hate him, you can't deny that Mike Iaconelli is a character in the world of professional bass fishing. Recently, he was fishing the Major League Fishing Bass Pro Tour stage three on Lake Fork in Texas. Mike hooks into a big bass while the cameras are rolling.

Mike knows he has a giant on the other end of the line. To his credit, he stays calmer than we're used to seeing as he fights the fish.

Until he gets this 7-pound, 13-ounce lunker into the boat that is. Then it's a whole other story! As MLF did, let us issue a volume warning for anyone watching this with headphones. We think it's safe to say Mike's reaction would be universal for most anglers.

"Come on, that's a 7-pounder, you know it's a 7-pounder, don't you mess with me man!"

We had a good laugh at this video and one of Iaconelli's signature reactions. It's just what we needed right now with the crazy news cycle we're currently living in. We're not going to lie. We would probably have the exact same reaction upon landing a fish that large. If a lunker like that doesn't get you going, check your pulse to make sure you're still living!

Lake Fork is always consistent for gigantic bass during these early spring months. This bass helped bring Iaconelli to a 37-pound, 3-ounce weight for the day.

It also brought him into the top 20 for group B that day. That helped him avoid elimination and move on to the knockout round. Although he was eliminated for the final Championship round, he still came in 29th place for the tournament and took home $6,000 in winnings. I'd like to get paid that much to fish all day.  Thanks Mike, for the good laugh today!

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