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Midland’s New PPG100 Portable Power Station is the Real Deal


The new Midland PPG100 is the lightweight, rechargeable power solution you've been looking for.

At a mere 25 pounds, and with its own weather-resistant carrying case, you can now have 950Wh of juice with a pure-sine peak output of 400W anywhere and everywhere.

The PPG100 has almost as many charging options as it has output options, including a wall plug, a 12-volt DC and an optional solar panel to let the sunshine do the work while you play.

The easy-to-store, easy-to-use power station has two AC outlets, an automotive socket, two USB ports and even an LED.


For those of us who want to get away but enjoy having our technology with us, this is a great tool. It's a completely quiet, economical way to have your power and get outdoors, too. Your neighbors at the campground won't even know you're powered up. 


Maybe the best part is that it has no motor, meaning it makes no noise and doesn't need gasoline. So you can use it inside as well!

Above and beyond charging your much-needed devices, the PPG100 will power a 50W laptop or notebook for 16 hours, a 45W LED television for up to 18 hours or a 0.4Kwh/24h mini-fridge for up to 48 hours.

"The Midland PPG100 Portable Power Station will be available at (their website) midlandusa and select Midland dropship partners in late summer 2017, and it will retail for $1,099," a Midland Radio representative said.

Whether you're in a household emergency situation or you're just camping, having a reliable power source is huge. With the optional solar panel charging system, the power will always be there waiting for you!

*Note: the radios shown in the cover photo are not included in the package.

Photos provided by Midland Radio



Midland’s New PPG100 Portable Power Station is the Real Deal