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YouTube: Exodus Trail Cameras

Michigan Man's Insane Home Trophy Room Puts Most Sporting Goods Stores to Shame

This man's trophy room is simply unbelievable.

Every hunter dreams of having their own trophy room where they can display some of their favorite hunting memories over the years. For most of us, this usually means a few deer shoulder mounts and maybe a fish or bird or two for variety. Some hunters take things to an opposite extreme and fill their homes with taxidermy displays that will make your jaw hit the floor.

Exodus Trail Cameras has been doing a video series on their YouTube channel for a while called "Whitetail Cribs" in the style of old "MTV Cribs" show that highlights many hunter trophy rooms across the United States. What's fun is the variety and types of hunters profiled in the series. You'll see everything from the average Joe who hunts just a few days a year to the pros who make hunting their career. You never know what each new video in the series will bring.

Today's video profiles Mark Peterson, the owner of Worldwide Trophy Adventures. Mark's trophy room is a little different than that of most hunters. When he isn't helping others Mark loves to hunt in the mountains all over the world and has put together a taxidermy collection that has most sporting goods stores looking green with envy.

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If you're going to go on a bunch of crazy hunts around the world, you might as well go big or go home with the trophy displays right?

We really have almost no words after seeing this trophy room. His home office/trophy room looks more like my local Sportman's Warehouse than one hunter's collection of hunting memories! The crazy thing is, he still has more mounts coming and hasn't even started the waterfowl portion of the room yet!

As impressive as this is, I have a feeling his taxidermy bill would give me a heart attack. And that's before we even talk about the costs of all these hunts. Especially the sheep hunts, which are often expensive and difficult to obtain tags.

And here I thought my own personal trophy room/office was starting to look good with just two shoulder and two European mounts!

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