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Michael Jordan Catches 442.3-Pound Marlin in Big Rock Tournament

Michael Jordan has entered a famous marlin fishing tournament, and his boat is already on the board with a nice catch.

News broke earlier this week that former MVP and six-time NBA champion Michael Jordan was returning to his home state of North Carolina to participate in the 2020 Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament, and as you'd suspect, he's earning quite the reaction among the local fishing community.

On Tuesday Michael Jordan's boat, named "Catch 23," hauled in a massive 442.3-pound marlin, which was weighed in front of gathered fans and live streamed online. It seems like wherever he goes, Jordan's unable to escape the cameras, fanfare, and attention that have been a part of his life since he was a teenager.

The Big Rock Marlin Tournament is a well-known competition with more than $3.3 million in total prize money being rewarded to the boats that can catch the biggest fish in several categories.

He stuck around for a brief interview with Big Rock TV, on which you can watch a live stream of the weigh-in every day of the tournament. The interview was logged by's Ross Martin, who was there to tweet photos in the moment.

"I'm always looking for an excuse to be back in North Carolina," Jordan said. "...It is a chance to come back home. I love coming back home."

"I'd love to be back with a little bit bigger fish," the ever-competitive Jordan said.

And here's some footage captured by WNCT-TV 9 of the weigh-in.

Air Jordan is always going to amass attention, but when you add in the incredible popularity of "The Last Dance" ESPN documentary that aired ten episodes of Michael-centric flashbacks, interviews, and behind-the-scenes content, it's no wonder his participation in a fishing tournament is causing a big reaction.

The former North Carolina Tar Heel and Bulls player is the namesake of the wildly successful Jordan Brand, but it's a fish story he's hoping to tell next.

The six-day tournament began on June 8 and goes until June 13, 2020, and so far the largest blue marlins caught range in the 450- to 495-pound range. Jordan and Catch 23 aren't too far off, but a 442-pound marlin is nothing to sneeze at.