bubble freezing

Nature, You've Done it Again: Mesmerizing Time Lapse of a Bubble Freezing

Nature has a mind of its own, which can create some beautiful things.

As humans, we're sometimes simply mesmerized by things. This bubble freezing over into an ice bubble is one of those things. If you don't think so, you are just lying to yourself!

Almost magical, the gradual icing of the bubble simply captivates you and leaves you wanting more. Check it out:

We are unsure of the science behind this or what exactly has to happen to cause it, but we don't care. It is awesome. As you watch it unfold you are silently cheering in your mind, "c'mon, just a little farther...don't pop!"

If you are anything like me you are wondering when does part 2 release? Why did she not continue the video and attempt to pick the bubble up we will never know. Based off the traffic in the background, the video seems to be in real time which makes the video much more impressive.

There is a reason the video has surpassed 35 million views. Wow!

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