Men Chase Bear into Oncoming Traffic and Tackle it to Rescue it from Starving to Death

Black Bear gets head stuck in barrel, and few brave souls step up to save the day!

In one of the more inspiring videos you will see, a couple of men put themselves in harm's way to attempt to help save this bear. This black bear had found himself in a bad situation by somehow getting its head stuck into what looks like a barrel.

At the end of the video, you can hear one of the heroes say that the bear had been stuck for almost two months. So it is hard to say how much longer the bear would have survived. Malnutrition, starvation, attacked by another animal, drowning, or even being hit by a car would have all been very possible.

After chasing the bear and running through oncoming traffic, they are finally able to secure the bear in the ditch and bring a whole new meaning to "bear hug."

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This video is pretty incredible, and it's awesome to see people go out of their way to help save the bear.

Many people took after the hunting community from the video though. Stating that at least there is some decent people out there who have a place for animals and look to help them instead of harm them.

Being a hunter, I can confidently say, I would have tried to do the same thing these people did. As would thousands of other hunters. And it brings us back to the point of emphasis, that anti-hunters don't understand what it is to be a hunter. But that is a totally different topic and story.

Kudos to the people involved in this video, it is truly inspiring.

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